How to Get There


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Leopard Rock Lodge can be reached by Road through the Murera Gate, and is around 320Km from Nairobi, roughly 5 and a half hours. If by road, we recommend staying a minimum of 2 nights. (The Ura Gate has also recently opened and road work is set to take place which would reduce travel time to Meru National Park.)





Leopard Rock Lodge can also be accessible by air through Wilson Airport at Nairobi. The flight time is 50 minutes to the Kina Air Strip in Meru National Park, where our designated driver will take you to the lodge in less than 15 minutes. Flight schedules may vary, and you may wish to contact us for details and reservations.



If you wish to rent your own exclusive and adapted vehicle for your journey to the lodge and game-drives with optionally a private driver, we will be happy to direct you to our partners.