At Leopard Rock Lodge, each of Our 15 Romantic and gorgeous cottages serve the purpose of offering you the most pleasurable, relaxing and luxurious holiday. Each cottage incorporates a large private terrace, overlooking the bush, and is perfectly situated to offer a splendid view of the Murera River and Bisanadi reserve.

Every Cottage is furnished with wooden, hand carved furniture made by Kenyan professionals. Everything is put into place to create a chic, stylish decor while at the same time, keeping an authentic African tone. Our cottages are very spacious, offering more than 75 meters squared and are separate from each other to offer a comfortable distance for privacy. The cottages are completely equipped with a polished bathroom and all of the amenities one may expect.

Leopard Rock Lodge can accommodate up to 50 guests. Our single cottages are designed for 2 guests, while our suites can welcome up to 4 guests. Lastly, our Honeymoon cottages are entirely conceived to offer a romantic, glamorous getaway. The Lodge is also completely unfenced and open to the wildlife. It is not uncommon to see animals such as giraffes and antelopes roaming close to the Lodge and around the cottages, allowing guests to completely immerse themselves. Hearing the roars of lions at night while in your bed is an incomparable experience.


Our 15 Cottages boarder a wild, exotic river housing Hippos, crocodiles and a wide variety of birds.



Seeing a group of gazelles from your terrace or window is truly magical.




Leopard Rock Lodge offers an exclusive, high class service to ensure that you will have the perfect holiday.